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president obama was going out there saying you won't lose your health insurance, period, all along they were planning for those people to lose their health insurance -- 14 million of them -- and move into the exchanges. >> as we watch the website fall apart, he dwunt have to worry. though the young people aren't signing up now because the website is a mess, he knows that they are being cancelled. that millions of americans will have no choice but to sit on that website for days on end eventually because he knows, as we all know now, that millions of americans are going to get cancelled. >> there's the uh rub. they didn't anticipate the failure of the website. if you are one of the 14 million or so people who are losing current health insurance you're stuck with two options. one is to pay these new premiums you can't afford because they are raising your insurance rates between 99% and 400%, or go into the exchanges except because the website doesn't work you can't get into the exchanges. what's going to happen is the unintended consequence is they are pushing millions of people out of health
of people would say that's a a understatement. problems still plaguing the obama website but health care and the internet are working together in the private sector. these doctors posting their prices on personal websites for health services. patients say it works great. so is this proof the private sector does a heck of a lot better job than the government does? hi, everybody. welcome. let's go in focus with john, rich, elizabeth mcdonald, mike, rick, and sabrina schaeffer. so, john, government can't do the health care on the internet but the private sector obviously can. >> of course it can. capitalism in the profit mode are ability turning scarcity into abundance. they're about turning a million dollar computer in the '70s into something that costs a couple hundred dollars today. health care is expensive and scarce today precisely because the government has naively removed the profit motor from the equation. president obama wants to make it universal and in trying to make it universal he's going to make it very hard for the average person to get. >> so, rick, this just proves the fact
his health care promise, that obama care is working while apologizing for the fact that it doesn't. i'm lou dobbs. >>> good evening, everybody. hhs secretary kathleen sebelius today testified before the house energy and commerce committee. on the disastrous obama carrollout. sebelius took responsibility for the website failure while making the outrageous claim that the website has actually never crashed. >> we were anxious to get the website up and running and functional, which we clearly have failed to do to date, although i would suggest the website has never crashed, it is functional but at a very slow speed and very low reliability and has continued to function. >> and at the very moment that sebelius made that statement, the system was down. and it stayed down for the duration of the hearing. sebelius did offer an apology, and she told the committee to hold her accountable for the obama care failure. while insisting that the president did not lie when he repeatedly told americans they could keep their health care insurance if they liked it. but when pressed on whet
, president obama promised health care premiums would go down by an average of $2,500 per family. if you look at what family premiums have done, they've actually jumped by more than $2,500 since obamacare became law. while costs continue to increase, despite the president's promise to the contrary, household income has fallen by over $3,700 since president obama first took office. mr. president, no i.t. specialist can fix the problem of increased health care costs due to obamacare. the only fix is to repeal this law and to start over. in addition to higher costs, families are discovering other grim news. for example, they can't keep the plan that they like, despite the fact that the president promised that they will be able to. over and over and over again the promise told -- the president told americans that they would be able to keep the insurance that they have. well, millions are now facing health insurance cancellation notices due to obamacare and that number is expected to increase up to nearly 10 million by the end of this year. in fact, just this morning, cbs news published a story wi
of the roll out and say it is easy to purchase a health plan on the obama website. >> because she was misled by contractors and said it was ready to go. >> last week, the contractors said there were bells and whistles and people blowing the whistle about the fact that there was no testing and regulations were changing and up until september, they were specifying major functionalities on the site and they are not confirmed. she anyhow there was going to be a problem. i don't believe her. >> what was stunning today, chris. i didn't hear it, no one asked kathleen sebelius if the president asked to see the website in advance or a day in advance. come in my office and fire this thing up and if i were going to sign on to, what would i see? >> i am not sure that is a strange occurrence. the reality. >> chris, if your name were on it, wouldn't you want to know how it is going to work? >> what i was going to say presidents whether bush or obama rely on their staff and advisors and cabinet. if secretary sebelius said to the president that things were a go and look good, the president ha
their health care coverage long before the problematic obama care rollout. the congressman from maryland weighs in on all this, just ahead on our program. >>> the american red cross is now setting up shelters in central texas for the many flood victims. storms dumping up to 13 inches of rain in some areas causing major flooding. at least four people were killed, including a mother and her 8-month-old baby. survivors say they're just grateful to be safe. >> material things can be replaced. we were saved. we just really thought we were not going to make it. even our dog was saved. >> meteorologist is live. >> take a look at the storm system that brought even tornados across the central u.s. and the incredible amount of rain over central texas. as you mentioned, over a foot in some cases in the san antonio austin area. you can see quite a bit of moisture in a very short period of time. taking a look at the satellite radar right now, clear skies for the most part. we will see the potential for showers and thunderstorms in the middle of the workweek but certainly not the deluge that they saw this pa
when you can. welcome. the biggest overhaul of american health care in 50 years. president obama spoke in boston, trying to reassure americans. went before aius congressional committee to explain those glitches. warm welcome for president obama. in what felt like a campaign stop, the commander-in-chief served as advisor in chief. >> today the health insurance companies have to abide by some of the strongest consumer protection ever known. >> back on capitol hill, it was the president's health secretary kathleen sibelius in the spotlight. in front of a congressional committee, she was forced to address american frustrations of the website failures weeks into the launch. better.eserve i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> even as she spoke those who tried to log on to got a familiar error message. >> obamacare was signed into law 1002 hundred 56 days ago. since then there have been use their problem after user problem after user problem. >> they demanded to know who is to blame. >> who is responsible for overseeing this project? is it you or yo
obama's health care act. this time it has nothing to do with the website. what a court ruled that could derail a key provision of obama care. >>> in that case, i will leave and in a few minutes oprah will be here. >> "saturday night live" takes on its credit kicks. how they spoofed the lack of black actresses in its own cast. >>> i would say you are up early, except you did get that extra hour of sleep, right, victor? >> well, listen, i took advantage of the extra hour by staying out an extra three hours. >> there you go. >> math was never my strong suit, but we are here and it's a great sunday morning. >> i went to bed but kept thinking my alarm was not going to go off and i would be late. >> we will bring you the news. >> we want to talk about the attack and how it went down at the l.a.x. airport. >> paul ciancia shot a tsa officer had pointed blank range and then left and came back moments later to shoot him again. his weapon of choice, it's that .223 caliber assault rifle. >> and hernandez. his wife is just devastated. >> he was a wonderful husband, father, son, and friend. he would
hunted pheasant with steve king and made the battle of president obama's health care law will help the gop in 2014. >> all the washington strategists say in 2014. let's go back to the model of 06, 08, and 12. keep your head down and win races. that's not how you win races. that's based on the idea that if your opponent is here, you want to be to the right so that you can capture every marginal voter up to where they are. the problem is if you do that, you destroy every single reason anyone has to show up. >> don't miss this jab from a guy who may give cruz competition. if he decides to run, this is what former presidential candidate and caucus winner said when asked weather cruz's strategy helped or hurt the gop. >> i would say that in the end he did more harm. i think it was not his objective. the objective was not doing a good job pointing it out. it's one thing to have a goal and the other thing to get to that goal. >> there is a record number of women in the 113th congress. many made their presence known in recent talks to end the government shut down. women had a harder time w
about health care bill. obama care relying on young people to sign up to pay for the program and help the ouflt control costs of health care in america. how does that look so far? we've got an update next. >> speaking of young people have you heard about this new poll we conducted with the associated press? cnbc/ap poll finds 52% of people aged 18 to 34 those are the heaviest users, they feel twitter is not a good place to invest. really? so if twitter's core users don't even want to buy the stock should you stay away from that offering? we'll look at that coming up. >>> and then scrooge mcducks, that's what they are being called. they should pay more in taxes. you can but that's getting some reaction today. later on "closing bell." vo: two years of grad school. 20 years with the company. thousands of presentations. and one hard earned partnership. it took a lot of work to get this far. so now i'm supposed to take a back seat when it comes to my investments? there's zero chance of that happening. avo: when you work with a schwab financial consultant, you'll get the gui
." tonight the obama administration official in charge of the disastrous health care overhaul was finally dragged in front of lawmakers today. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius testified before a house committee. she dodged questions, made up facts and continueses to be dishonest with the american people. in a moment we'll have people who participated in the grilling but first the highlights. >> madam secretary, while you are from kansas, we are not in kansas anymore. >> let me say directly to these americans you deserve better. >> here we are five weeks into enrollment and the news gets worse by the day. >> the president said if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. is he keeping his promise? >> yes, he is. >> my insurance policy was cancelled. the white house website says if you like your health plan you have, you can keep it. did i hear it wrong? >> i am as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of health >> i think it's great that you are a team player taking responsibility it is the president's ultimate responsibility, correct?
that obama wants them to have covered. he can keep your health care if obama likes of health care. it is up to you to make the choices. is that one of the fundamental problems with the stock? it is more expensive now supervised employer based health plan because yellow a minimum benefits. these are things that will make insurance coverage much more expensive. it is cheaper for me to era dump my workers into the exchange, pay the penalty and it will cost you're right. this is not just a political problem. if this does to happen on assets you're talking about i don't think it survives. huge numbers of democrats joining republicans saying we have to repeal this they are repaired because people losing coverage at the like. gerri: it is going to be interesting to see how it plays out because this is a slower-moving story, and these things happen over time. people forget what is going on. it is hard to keep track. i want to show right now insurance cancellations under obamacare going on right now. 800,000 in new jersey. 119,000 from blue shield in california. another 800 to 900,000 california. th
plaguing the obama website but health care and the internet are working together in the private sector. these doctors posting their prices on personal websites for health services. patients say it works great. so is this proof the private sector does a heck of a lot better job than the government does? hi, everybody. welcome. let's go in focus with john, rich, elizabeth mcdonald, mike, rick, and sabrina schaeffer. so, john, government can't do the alth care on the internet but the private
-- kathleen sebelius lost her cool at times after taking fire over the failed launch of obama's health care plan. now how much time does the president have to fix the problem before his legacy is in doubt? what's better than zero heartburn? ♪ nothing, that's what? that's why i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn. 'cause it gives me a big fat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc. the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. [ larry ] you can't beat zero heartburn. and best of all, it means i can enjoy all the foods i love. oh, zero heartburn is awesome. just like zero cutlery. ♪ [ male announcer ] prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. unisom sleeptabs help you fall asleep 33% faster and wake refreshed. unisom. a stressful day deserves a restful night. >>> joining me around the table, david maron, an obama biographer and mira tamdon also a former advisor to kathleen sebelius and cnn "crossfire" co-host, newt gingrich. and congrats on your new book, by the way, "breakout." run, do not w
be in for a soaking from texas to the northeast. >>> health care hot seat. president obama's top health care sheaf chief set to be grilled today over failures in the system. kathleen sebelius. >>> stealing the stage from the pope. the little boy who wandered right up to the pontiff to say hello and wouldn't go. the astonishing moments now viral around the world. with the head of the catholic church and his biggest little fan. ♪ this is an s.o.s. don't want to second-guess ♪ >>> and bombshell breakup. the jonas brothers, just revealing they're splitting. now, joining us for their first and only live interview, in an abc news exclusive. why they're calling it quits. and is it for good?
on the obama administration's health insurance website. sebelius told the house energy and commerce committee she apologizes for access problems that have been "miserably frustrating" for many americans and said she's accountable for fixing them - by the end of november. she added that the system is female announcer: female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models, including the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows, and free same-day delivery. are you next? announcer: but don't wait. sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor. i want you to be handsome. i want you to be awesome. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. i want you to return my emails. i want you
the federal government. >>> president obama defended his health care plan while admitting there have been serious problems with the sign- up process. >> the website hasn't worked the way it's supposed to over these last couple of weeks. and as a consequence, a lot of people haven't had a chance to see how good the prices are. >> the president made the remarks during a speech in massachusets. a lot of people say that contrary to president obama's promise while campaigning for his plan, they have not been able to keep their health plan because insurers have canceled their policies. >>> dozens of employees fired for being in the country illegally. how it happened has some community leaders outraged. the investigators were handled by homeland security and ice. we are live now in san jose where two of those fired workers say they have nowhere to turn. f >> reporter: we're here at plaza in downtown san jose where tomorrow at noon, community groups will gather here to protest the department of homeland security's audits on businesses that they say are no better than raids. coworkers for about 8
obama's health insurance exchange, and my question is, what have we learned the last four weeks? we know that the rollout of the exchanges and the web site, i think americans would agree, it's been disastrous. last week the associated press even ran a headline about what people in my home state of wyoming experienced. it said "national health insurance site sputters." sputters in wyoming. the article goes on to talk about the health care law, the web site, and it says that the wyoming insurance commissioner, tom hersick, they quoted him as what he said on monday, that he's personally been unable to register on the federal government's wyoming site despite trying every day. insurance commissioner state of wyoming unable to register on the federal government's wyoming site despite trying every day starting october 1. this is the same story we've seen all across the country. we've also learned over the past four weeks that the president's health care law is much more than just a failed web site. what we know is that there is sticker shock hitting people all across the country
obama care isn't just sticking it to folks shopping for health care. it could be the grinch that killed the entire holiday shopping season. neil's gang trying to rescue christmas at the bottom of the hour. >>> but up here first, a black box can track and tax every mile you drive. this one may drive you mad. ♪ as your life and career change, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust your retirement plan along the way, rethink how you're invested, and refocus as your career moves forward. wherever you are today, a fidelity i.r.a. has a wide range of investment choices to help you fine-tune your personal economy. call today, and we'll make it easy to move that old 401(k) to a fidelity i.r.a. medicare open enrollment. of year again. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. buit never hurts to see if u can find bettoverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care la open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare >> announcer: introducing the rede
to getting control of our health and reducing the cost of health care. frankly, obama care with preventative care will help that. >> i have to get john in here. do you think government should have a role in our refrigerators, which is basically what we're talking about? >> good lord, no. government is not educating anything. look at our education system. we keep going down in the rankings. as the only person on this panel that weighing over 250 pounds, if you send me a letter for eating a chocolate bunny on easter, we're going to have a fight. we have lazy kids in this country. they need a boot on their hind quarters to get them out and play in the yard. they don't need notes on halloween. that's ridiculous. >> this lady as far as i'm concerned should be addressed as a bully because that's what she was. >>> thanks, guys. and thanks to bernard whitman for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >>> they may be dead, but that's not stopping themrom making a killing off of your money. find out how. >>> and the one sock that has jonas' dog wagging its tail. how can you not stick aroundor ramon?
of obama care. here's the latest. a new study shows up to 129 people could lose their current health plans and face an average premium hike of 41% because of obama care rolls. we have more on that in just a couple minutes from the author of the study. >>> and documents acquired by nbc show that administration officials are worried that more and more americans will be angered when they learn about the real costs of obama care and that they may lose their doctors. but the big story is this. because of the obama care failure, president obama's entire second-term agenda is now in serious jeopardy. just listen to what mitt romney had to say on "meet the press." >> i think that fundamental dishonesty has really put in peril the whole foundation of his second term. i think the key thing that the president is trying to get away from, and that is that he told people he could keep their insurance, and that was not the truth. and whether you like the model of obama care or not, the fact that the president sold it on a basis that was not true has undermined the foundation of his second term. i think i
lose their health plans under obama care. >> what you said about keeping your health care plan isn't true. >> they can keep. it >> no, they can't. they got cancellation notices. you can't keep. it the president said you can't. why are you saying you can. i don't understand. >>> the eternal flame of the grave for president kennedy is restored temporarily relocated so repairs could be made. >>> democrats are voting for a bill to authorize the president for additional spending without raising the debt ceiling. the goal is to avoid future fights over the debt ceiling. that bill is not expected to pass the house. >>> and facing more than 70 grand in fines. the labor department said she violated the head quarter were overcrowded with materials that blocked emergency exit. >> i will take some designer hand bags off of her hands. >> or shoes or hand bags. apparently it was a lot of that there. >> too much. >> you might get your pick. >> are you not familiar with the health care law? >> i am very familiar with the law. >> the president is aware of provisions that were snuck in the law that
republicans crying crocodile tears over the problems with the rollout of president obama's health care plan. they're pretending all they want to do is fix it. can you believe that? they just want to fix it. >> we've gone through 44 votes, 48 votes now, of you trying to dismantling the legislation. you call that cooperation? i don't. >> i like that guy out of his chair. >>> plus it's been a year since hurricane sandy hit the northeast and aid still isn't getting to many of those who desperately need it. >>> and let me finish tonight with the voters' want for politicians to work together. this is "hardball," the place for politics. the end. lovely read susan. but isn't it time to turn the page on your cup of joe? gevalia, or a cup of johan, is like losing yourself in a great book. may i read something? yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup. net weight 340 grams. [ sighs ] [ chuckles ] [ announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. american express credit card, every purchase earns you 2% cash back, which is deposited in your fidelity account. is that it? actually
of obama care. take a listen. >> nobody's losing their right to health care coverage, and no insurance company will ever be able to deny you coverage or drop you as a customer altogether. those days are over and that's the truth. that is the truth. >> all right. we'll get to fact checking in just a minute. the president was in boston because he wanted to use romney care as an example of a slow starting, but successful health care reform law. listen to this one. >> and by the way, all the -- all the parade of horribles, the worst predictions about health care reform in massachusetts never came true. >> all right. now cnbc had a special producer fact-checking the president's speech and he looked into this claim right away and here are some pack, okay? premiums in massachusetts have soared. they have the most expensive individual insurance premiums in the country. we also know that emergency room and doctor waiting times are among the highest in the country and let's not forget that taxes and spending in recent years to support the plan are under governor duval patrick have gone up substa
is a debacle. obama care. the president said if you like your health care plan you can keep it. >> we know that. respectfully, sir. we know that. the question is how will they be held accountable? she said, hold me accountable. how? can barack obama -- he's the only one who can do it. is there pressure on him? do you believe she should be fired? if not, who should be? where is the accountability? >> we are going to bring the secretary back after the end of november deadline that the b website is supposed to be up. chairman upton, i and several members of the committee sent the secretary a letter based on the testimony of the contractors last week. chairman of the intelligence committee mike rogers asked her questions today. >> we'll get to that in a minute. questions about how safe people's information is. 2k3wed. >> they will fix the lack of privacy. that's one thing she did positively agree the to do that. the code that says no reasonable expectation of personal privacy, they will take that out. >> they have you sign away your expectations of privacy when you get on the obama care exchange we
by november 30, two months after its launch. president obama defended the health care rollout wednesday during an appearance in boston, but he was disrupted by protesters urging him to disrupt the construction of the keystone xl pipeline. >> [chanting] >> ok. we are talking about health care today. no, that is ok. that is the wrong rally. [laughter] we have the climate change rally in the summer. this is the health care rally. >> president obama cited problems faced in the rollout of the massachusetts health reform law signed by mitt romney in 2006. romney rejected the comparison, tweeting -- the protest against keystone xl came amidst reports that a pipeline in texas owned by the spilledeline company 400 barrels of crude oil near austin. the subsidiary of koch industries says that the brothers could win $100 billion in new profits if the keystone pipeline is completed. the federal reserve says it will continue it economic stimulus program, citing high unemployment and slowing recovery in housing sector. fede september 2012, the has been buying $83 billion in bonds every month in a bid to enco
for people to sign health insurance. >> reporter: the obama administration is promising to ticks the new health care web site by the end of november. a group of senate democrats is looking for more. >> what i'm proposing is that we extend the period in which people can enroll so we can make sure we get as many people who want health insurance able to enroll and be able to be covered. >> reporter: new hampshire senator jane sheheen is calling the roll-out a disaster. she sent a letter to the president urging him to push back the deadline. many republicans are also frustrated with the launch of darrell isa of the reform committee says he may issue subpoenas to the health and human services department. >> so that we can, on half of the american people straighten out as much as can be straightened out, which is above the water, the 90% below the water like an iceberg, the other problems in obama care. >> reporter: contractors pointed to last-minute design changes for the glitches. on wednesday, hhs secretary kathleen is a deal use is scheduled to testify before lawmakers ab
, president obama. you want this program to work? then you're looking at the next secretary of health and human service services, not really. do you think i can do any worse? >>> mad about "mad money?" immerse yourself into cramer's world while you watch the show with zeebox on your phone, tablet or on the web, get sneak peeks. go behind the scenes and join the conversation. download the free app today for the ultimate cramerican adventure. >>> facebook's fine. be a little conservative. i am jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow! >>> good evening. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we are live at 7:00 p.m. eastern time and 4:00 p.m. pacific time. we have some breaking news to kick things off right away. a just-released nbc news/wall street journal poll shows that president obama's standing is taking a real beating in the wake of the obama care rollout. this is the weakest showing of his five-year tenure in that poll. just 42% of americans approve of the president's job performance while 51% disapprove, but president obama is not backing don
over obama care. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius drew the hometown hostilely on capitol hill and president obama had better luck in massachusetts. speaking this afternoon in boston he under score theed similarities, tauted the web fits and criticism he over sold and knowledge the website is a mess. >> look, there is no denying it. right now, the website is too slow. too many people have gotten stuck and i'm not happy about it. and neither are a lot of americans who need healthcare and they are trying to figure out how they can sign up as quickly as possible. so there is no excuse for it. and i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. we are working over time to improve it every day. >> well, that was only part of what he said. jim acosta joins us with details. jim, the white house originally built the speech as a romney comparison, clearly a chance for the president to do damage control. >> that the right, anderson. you heard the president talk a bit today and that rollout of the health care plan, 100 people signed up and try
in. tonight's lead, the president hits back on health care. today president obama went toe to toe against all those right wing critics who have been slamming the affordable care act. just a short time ago in boston, the president addressed to those critics head on and told them to explain themselves. >> it's no surprise that some of the same folks trying to scare people now are the same folks who've been trying to sink the affordable care act from the beginning. and i've said before, folks had actually good ideas, better ideas than what's happening in massachusetts or what we've proposed, for providing people with health insurance i'd be happy to listen. but that's not what's happening. and anyone defending the remnants of the old broken system as if it was working for people -- anybody who thinks we shouldn't finish the job of making the health care system work for everybody, especially when these folks offer no plan for the uninsured or underinsured or folks who lose their insurance each year. those folks should have to explain themselves. >> if republicans have a better plan, t
and time. >> of course. >> verizon got involved with the obama health care situation either yesterday or today and it didn't help. it didn't work out. what i would like, sir, is your expertise, and i love you. i really do. i watch you every day. your expertise opinion. what action do i take with verizon now? >> you hold it. i got to tell you. let's just be really clear about it. i almost call them knuckleheads, the canadian company that designed the web site. that's a publicly traded stock and it's not doing that badly. the idea that verizon was thrown under the bus in the hearings and that verizon could be punished for this -- it was my judgment when i listened, it's ludicrous. if anything, verizon under 50 remains one of my -- >> buy, buy, buy! >> and i would certainly hold the stock. can i go to j.b. in colorado? j.b.! >> dr. cramer, greetings from the continental divide. >> what's going on? >> i'm interested in agco. they recently declared their first-ever quarterly dividend and they disappointed the street by meeting the second quarter estimates by a penny. what are the short and
obama goes on the road to promote health care reform and explain all of the glitches that don't begin to describe it on the website. >>> an up close look at today's accountability moment for the woman in charge of implementing the law, it went on for hours. >>> the story of a little boy and his pal who happens to be the pope. amazing story in a moment. gent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. >>> welcome back. the fight over obama care. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius drew the hometown hostility on capitol hill and president obama had better luck in massachusetts. speaking this afternoon in boston, he underscored the similarities, tauted the web fits and criticism he over sold and acknowledged the website is a mess. >> look, there is no denying it. right now, the website is too slow. too many people have gotten stuck and i'm not happy about it. and neither are a lot of americans who need healthcare and they are t
. >> while the president was in massachusetts, mitt romney spoke out about how president obama's health care plan compares with the one romney signed. he aired his criticism on facebook, writing: >> americans' view of president obama's job performance i now the lowest since he took office. according to a new wall street journal poll finds his approval rating has dropped to 42%. 51% surveyed disapprove of how he's doing his job. only 22% say the nation is heading in the right direction. democrats are viewed more favorably than republicans. 37% feel very positive or somewhat positive about the democratic party. that in that was 22% for republicans. >> americans' infant mortality rate is one of the words among the world's developed nations. each year in the u.s., 25,000 infants don't survive their first year because of premature birth or complications. america's global ranking, 46t 46th. infant mortality in the u.s. overall has been falling, but some states still struggle to prevent the deaths of babies. alabama's rate has remained 20% higher than the national average. for the past decade, doct
about the health care glitches for the obama care website. eamon javers is here with me, previewing what the president will say, and he'll be coming out shortly. duval patrick at the podium. do you expect the president to offer apologies for glitches or -- the president is coming right now. let's toss it over to the live shot and get your reaction after we hear from the president. here now, president barack obama. >>> hello, boston! >> it's good to be back in boston. it's good to be back in boston because one of america's best governors introduced me, duvall patrick. give him a big, long applause. it's good to see congressman bill keating here. give bill a big round of applau applause. i want to praise somebody who is not here. i just left him. but he wears his heart on his sleeve. he loves this city so much, and it shows in what he's been doing for years now. one of america's best mayors, tom menino. and it's good to see all of you. you know, i was just at the airport, duvall was nice enough to meet me and mayor menino. mayor menino went back to city hall to work so he could wrap up in
obama care, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius, got grilled. >> sadly, here we are, now, five weeks into enrollment. and the news seems to get worse every day. >> we're working day and night and will continue until it's fixed. >> reporter: sebelius promises that the health care marketplace will be fully functional by the end of november. in the meantime, 15 million americans may lose the cheap policies they currently have because under the affordable care act, companies are required to provide more basic insurance options. these americans will have to buy a new plan. >> just shop around in the new marketplace. you're going to get a better deal. >> reporter: and, john and diana, that's a change from when president obama promised, if you like your insurance you can keep it. he now says the vast majority of americans can keep their insurance, if it works. diana and john? >> abc's tahman bradley, live for us in washington this morning. thank you. >>> new developments in the other controversy hitting the white house, the nsa spy scandal. the nsa is denying an italian new
it says a 2008 obama health campaign adviser puts the rollout this way. they were running the biggest startup in the world and they didn't have anyone who had run a startup or even run a small business or a business. it's very hard to think where the people best at getting legislation passed is best at implementing it. we've seen zeke emanuel saying this is a long game on "morning joe," this is a marathon for the social contract of our country. some see it at this moment of a sprint and even the democrats are failing. with these new numbers out about millions losing their insurance, how do you get better control of the narrative that obama care isn't the titanic? >> well, i think that the rollout has certainly been fouled up, without question. why we'll find out in the fullness of time. but that won't matter in the long run. what will matter is do people in the end get good insurance that's cheaper than what they have? and i think most people will. remember that all these things we're seeing now, all the hype about millions of people facing cancellation of insurance, these policies, m
testimony on "squawk on the street". then this afternoon, president obama will defend his health care law. verizon said it was doing maintenance on the system. there was a similar halt on sunday. l
. they demonstrate the latest health care act, the promise they could keep if they liked them. obama care sets minimum standard coverage that many plans on the market don't meet. mr. obama declared those plans substandard and said the affordable care act was designed to get rid of them. >> the worst of these plans routinely drop thousands of americans every year, and on average, premiums for folks who stayed in their plans for more than a year shot up about 15% a year. >> some democrats are saying the president should have talked more about replacing substandard plans and done less promising that people could keep any plan they like. even he admits with the websites's problems, finding a new plan isn't easy. he promises to get the problems fixed asap. >> wendell, thank you. >>> during the bill clinton administration, the major grammatical question involved the meaning of the word "is" and what that was. the equivalent in the obama administration and the health care rollout disaster apparently is the word "grandfathered." here's jim. >> millions of americans are getting letters like this saying
president obama's health care program has gotten off to a rocky start. the new documents show just how slow the process has been right from the beginning. details, coming up. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all stand
will find the things we agree on to work in. i think obama's health care plan may turn out to be the biggest enemy of obama care is obama care when people see what it does. that's not what every member of the senate would think. it's what i happen to think. >> we obviously have a point on which we disagree and we respect each other's views. we have very different views on this. i believe affordable health care for every person, three out of four of us already have health care through an employer or medicare or the va or so on. the folks that don't, it's time to fix it. we have to make sure this works. i think what is most important is that we can have differences and look for common ground. that's called governing. we have a big country and we have people with very different views. it's a democracy and not about looking for the ways we don't agree, but ways where we do agree. if we start with where we do agree, we can get a lot done. >> i good note to end on. you are both believers in the crazy system. you have to find a way to find middle ground on things. thank you both. up next, legal lim
. >> they have offered no alternative. no alternative to the aca health obama care. so i think they need to be held deeply account able. it is just insane they have gone from fighting to shut down the government in a default, holding, defunding, gutting obama care and now they are claiming they want all of this. i think it's important to look at the states by the way. what you were saying about premiums falling. in new york city premiums have fallen by some 50%. in states like kentucky. kentucky of. >> a democratic governor who decided to work with federal government. >> kentucky will be an interesting petri dish for a lot of reasons. lets hope mitch mcconnell gets beat by a tea partier. >> we're not. >> my husband's state, new deal time, decades ago, a democratic state. lets see how government looks in a state where the state exchange works. i think ryan is right and you're right that the administration was rightly banking on this reform threading and weaving itself into people's lives. then social security also took decades. social security came under attack -- >> prescription health p
on that site. >>> for the first time congress is getting the chance to grill a member of the obama administration about the troubled health care web site. here is danielle nottingham reporting for wjz. >> reporter: maryland heads medicare and medicaid services, the agency in charge of the troubled health web site. lawmakers were quick to offer opinions of her performance. >> you and your staff made repeated claims to the american public and congress that everything would be ready on time, everybody was a go. none of that proved to be true. >> reporter: she is a former nurse and hospital administrator said the site will be fixed. >> when the site went live few customers could create an account. now over 90% can. >> reporter: lawmakers want to know why it was broken in the first place. >> can he -- we can't solve a problem until we realize the full extent of the problem. >> reporter: many republicans and democrats are pushing president obama to delay parts of the plan. the president is taking heat for this promise. >> if you like your doctor or health care plan, you can keep
would in fact lose their preferred health insurance plans because of obama care. this comes as more people call for hhs secretary kathleen sebelius to step down over this, but i say it's way over time to hold president obama accountable. the buck stops there. he ought to show some back bone and not just blame his underlings. and there's talk about the fed using the inflation rate. we have alan greenspan to talk about that policy and talk about the current state of the economy. our other special guest will be former florida governor jeb bush. i'm going to ask him about the civil war in the republican party and how to solve it. all that and more on a special edition of "the kudlow report." we are live from washington, d.c. tonight and we begin right now. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we are live, 7:00 p.m. eastern, 4:00 p.m. pacific time. we are in washington, d.c. top stories, continuing failure that is obama care tops the news tonight. we begin with a breaking story from our colleagues at nbc news. four stories deeply involved in the craf
services kathleen sebelius had a bad day on capitol hill. telling congress, president obama kept his health care promise and obamacare is working and apoll squeezing fo apologizt does not. i'm lou dobbs. >> good every ending -- evening, hhs secretary sebelius testified today. on the obamacare roll out. sebelius took responsibility for the web site failure, while making the claim that the web site had actually never crashed. >> we were anxious to get the web site up and running. and functional, which we have failed to do. to date, i would suggest that web site has never crashed. it is fund. al bufunctional but at a veryslw reliabilitiy. lou: at that moment, the hoff move system was down -- system of down, and stayed down, sebelius offered a apology, and told the committee to hole her accountable for the ale lure, and insisting that the t presidd not lie when he told americans they could keep their health care insurance if they liked it. but when pressed if the president of the responsible for the law failures, she said, whatever, yes. he is the president. fox news chief congr
of obama care. still a big story. today a leading senate democrat comparing the health care law to humpty-dumpty. just another sign the political and media tide has turned against the health care plan. and as always, don't forget, free market capitalism is still the best path to prosperity. for the millionth time, i will say this obama care has nothing do with free markets, and "the kudlow report" will be coming right back. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there. it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow s
health care, you can keep your health care. >> how can presidents and democrats still defend obama care. and the president says you can keep your doctor, but can your doctor stay in business? plus, comedy icon i'm conway. >> if u yo look closely you can see harvey wetting his pants. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> hello, everybody. a great audience. so glad to have you with us. welcome to "huck bee." from the fox news studios in new york city. it's no secret that i have major policy differences with president obama on almost everything. i believe in americsangty of ev human life. less in taxation and litigation and on and on. but president obama can't be blamed for an economy that's killing the middle class or broken promises of taxes going up for people making under $250,000 a year. or not be k able to keep your health plan or doctor. it's so bad that even our friends are spitting mad at us. it turns out it's not his fault. because he didn't know anything about it. any of it. >> it's not really something i followed closely but we don't know -- i'm not familiar with
health care associates an outspoken critic of obama care said he's getting calls from executives who want him to speak out anderson for problems because they feel defenseless against the white house p.r. team. it's been told that the white house has exerted massive pressure on the industry, including the trade associations to keep quiet. they fear white house. >> what exactly are they asked to keep quiet about? >> that clarifications were made to the affordable care october. and those clarifications are forcing the insurance agencies to drop the insurance plans. there's a lot of coverage required in the plans. that was not part of many people's private health care plans. those are the people, anderson, being dropped. despite all the rhetoric, i should say, from the president, you simply can't keep your health care plan if it does not mean the requirements. he said the insurance industry is embarrassed about canceling the plans in an interview, he told me that the administration was warned about this very scenario and ignoreded advice. >> when the regulations were being put together, peopl
and behavioral health before president obama thought about that. we have our psychiatry services. and our transgenders tuesday's. wee which is about to celebrate 20 years of service this january (clapping) and tom o'dell urban health remains at the forefront as itself services for the transgender community are ignoring both to be another service and we can do it all in the state of the arc facility that's a shining example to all of this city's undying testament for those who are surviving with multiple chronic conditions and poverty and the like. we've been doing it and now we get to do it in style (clapping) >> so - enough from me you'll hear some more thank you's but i'd like to introduce margaret she's the director of the san francisco department of health and she's been a champion and in those moment when we needed help to get through some rough spots to make sure we got this off the ground she was there and creativity in findings solutions to making this day possible. marcelina >> (clapping) >> okay. i'm not moving because i don't want you to see me we just need to fix it. okay
obama himself to health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius has apologised for the website's problems and vowed to fix it. we are hearing conflicting reports about what went wrong with the roll out. cgi, the contractor developing the site may have warned the obama administration that it would not be ready tro go live on october 1st. we know the administration says it needs until the end of november to fix the technical glitches. that's two months after it launched. to comment the penalty for not enrolling under the new law is effectively waved for six weeks. the new deadline will be march 31st. if you are one of the estimated 15 million americans who buy your own insurance, you are not employed through an employer or insured through an employer, you have to sign up for coverage by the deadline or face a penalty. you can do that through your insurer or go to the government changes, assuming works one day. >> 8.5 million of 15 million could qualify for a subsidy. the affordable part of the affordable care act may be a misnomer for 6.5 millions that didn't quali
promise from president obama. if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan he said it often. but an insurance industry source now says most americans on individual plans will see their existing coverage changed or even cancel. the white house says obama care will mean better more comprehensive coverage but at what the cost? the head of the agency in charge of creating the obama care website was asked about that at a congressional hearing today. >> this man wrote me and said, my wife has been recently informed by her insurance carrier that her health care policy does not comply with the affordable care act. now we must purchase a new policy to get the aim coverage at an 18% increase in our premium. so what happened to the if you like your insurance, you can keep it. >> what i would tell that individual is if their carrier is telling them they're changing the plan and offering an increase, that they would need to go take a look what's available in their state and in their market. which is certainly something that's available to them through the exchanging >> yeah
on "hannity." >> we're talking about obama care, and universal health care and the affordable care act. which one do you support? >> obama care? >> why. >> i think it will provide affordable insurance. >> you know, you just can't make this stuff up. when we come back, our own ainsley earhardt will join us. share your thoughts on the show ♪ [ alarm sound for malfunctioning printer ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you've learned a thing or two. [ metal clanks ] ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? [ gears whirring ] talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision
to keep their health insurance, yes, you can. and the following 3 1/2 years, mr. obama and administration officials repeated this promise. so many times that the white house website, white now has 102,000 matches for the words, quote, you can keep your insurance, unquote. this week, president obama went to boston on the same day health and human services secretary appeared on capitol hill. the obama mission, a 9/11 emergency rescue of obama care after its disastrous october rollout. the tactic, defend and attack. broke out concerning 10 million americans who have health coverage under individual or small group plans. they are getting notice from insurance companies that obama care regulations mean that when it comes to keeping their current plans, no, they can't. white house spokesman is already elastsizing, adding a triple x sized caveat. the canceled plans were substandard and the new mandatory often costlier plans will be better. once the exchange website works, that is. the secretary apologized for the faulty website, but not the mass cancellation. house energy and commerce
reform is to do away with plans like this. they are essential health benefits offered with obama care. this is what we call new standards that must be provided to consumers. why doesn't that get reported by all the people who think that, well, 40 to 60% of the people are going to be losing their insurance. over 2 million. 2 million people in this country, charlie, have got lousy insurance and obama is trying to do something about it. that's your headline on cbs, dude. first, ambulatory patient services are going to be included. doggone it, they're going to give you a ride to the freakin' hospital. you could get covered without being admitted to the hospital. this, of course, is another good thing. emergency services are going to be covered. hospitalization is covered. this includes even surgery? oh, yeah. maternity and newborn care is on the list. mental health and substance use disorder services are also covered. prescription drug costs, they are required on this plan, as well. rehabilitative services are covered. this includes things like physical therapy. laboratory services must b
. >>> to a different kind of storm, this one in washington as the woman in charge of president obama's troubled health care program, kathleen sebelius, fielded tough questions from congress, apologized for the launch she called a debacle and at times lost her patience. abc's white house correspondent jim avila was there for the fireworks. >> reporter: official finger pointing day on capitol hill, producing a whatever moment from the woman in charge of obama care. >> you're saying that the president is not responsible for hhs? >> sir, i didn't say that. >> it is the president's ultimate responsibility, correct? >> whatever. yes, he is the president. he's responsible. >> reporter: in boston this afternoon the president actually agreed. >> i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. >> reporter: back at the often rude grand stand of a three and a half hour circus of a congressional hearing -- >> who was in charge -- >> mislead the public -- >> amazon would never do this -- >> reporter: secretary sebelius caught muttering as the republicans trash the affordable care act from website to
, they are going to blame obama and obama care. if -- health care costs continue to go up as they very likely will if people continue to lose their insurance, as they always have, people will figure they will blame obama care. they are making a long-term gamble that the program won't work and trying to ensure that. >> this period, if you think about it, should be a blissful moment for the president who has been fighting for health care reform for five years now. that day has come, it's here, you have the exchanges open in 50 states. you are more and more governors seem like they are embracing the health care expansion for the poor. this has been one of the toughest weeks since the bill was signed three years ago. you have to ask the question, he has got to explain a lot in this speech later today. obviously kathleen sebelius took a lot of blame this morning saying i'm responsible for this. is this the moment for the president to say, you know what, i'm at fault here. do you think this is the time for him to take the blame? >> i don't think he wants to get in an argument with kathleen sebelius
of health care you get and that is why this is so bad. the democrats even admit to that. president obama has not admitted that to us yet, but here he read had me sit obamacare is a step toward wt we call -- what he calls a single-payer health heae system. what does he mean? where the government pays and when the government pays for your health care, they get to decide what kind of health care you get and how much and etc. and they control what kind of doctor that you see and if you see a doctor in all and if you get a surgery or not and you're in control of you and that is why this is such a bad law and a lot of us have been fighting at every opportunity we can to get this lot different than the way it. lou: looks like obamacare itself has been a better disruptor than the republicans in assaulting the program, certainly. we are looking at a potentially potential disaster. this includes state taxpayers and massively so because the ratio was about 927. with the obamacare folks, and what they have put together. that is in terms of enrollment and we are looking at ratios of 10 to one and that me
, evidence the obama administration is leaning on the health insurance companies to keep a lid. drew, what is going on here, what have you learn snd. >> what is going on is behind the scenes attempt by the white house to keep insurerers from publicly criticizing who is happening on this affordable care act rollout. if you speak out, quoted, you'll get a call from the white house, pressure to be quiet. several sources tell me and my colleague chris that insurance executives are being told to keep quiet. bob who heads the health policy, a consulting firm and out spoken critic of obama care says he's getting calls from executives that want him to speak out, anderson, for them about the problems because they feel defenseless against the white house p.r. team. they said the excite house is exerting massive pressure on the industry including trade associations to keep quiet. >> what do they say they are being told to keep quiet about? >> about the fact clarifications were made to the affordable care act after the law was passed and those cla fa cases are forcing the industry to drop plans that d
wave, only here. >>> we begin with big new developments in the obama care story. this is different from the political war fair you see night after night on the partisan news channels because health care reform is so i'm fortunate we're doing what we can to turn down the noise and turn up the facts. item one, a document that clearly shows when the white house got the warning the website was a disaster in the making. >> reporter: cnn learned at the obama administration was warned in september the obama care website wasn't ready to go live. the main contractor, cgi issued this confidential report to the agency overseeing the rollout. it warned of risks and issues. the report gave the highest priority thing to things like we don't have access to monitoring tools, not enough time in schedule to conduct adequate performance testing and hub services are intermittently unavailable, short for the site isn't working sometimes. cgi in september said they are putting a team in place ato alert when the hub goes down. the head of cms, the agency that received the report
. they are already under fierce attack from republicans over the health care laws. obama now faces democratic concerns that the troubled start of the insurance program will cut into the political benefits that the party received from the government shutdown and might cost government -- democratic candidates in the next elections. was named asgh most responsible. to fix it entrusted was jeffrey zeitz. this followed a meeting between vice president joe biden and democratic freshmen. it appeared that the white house would have to do more to reassure democrats who emerged from the shutdown confident of their political fortunes. onublicans have roared back a wave of anger over the health care law. people are anxious. richard derman said -- richard durbin said he did not think there was confidence. this is more of a show me moment. we were all confident that the system would be up and running. we are not confident until it is real. the anxious include senators and house members facing hotly contested races. inre are also lawmakers states with republican governors who have done nothing to promote th
's, as i was saying, moving on there to president obama's signature health care law under fire at a congressional hearing right now. >> yeah, and today we actually heard an apology. this from the administrator whose agency oversaw the creation of the enrollment website, the centers for medicare and medicaid services. have a listen. >> consumers are eager to purchase this coverage. and to the millions of american who have attempted to use to shop and enroll in health care coverage, i want to apologize to you the website has not worked as well as it should. we know how desperately you need affordable coverage. i want to assure you can and will be fixed. we are working around the clock to deliver the experience that you deserve. we are seeing improvements each week. >> the medicare chief apologizing and acknowledging there have been major issues with the website. we'll have a live report from washington on today's hearing and new concerns that the president may have potentially misled the public on one aspect of the law. >> yeah, plus tonight, we'll h
the difference between president obama saying if you have health insurance, you'll be ail to keep it. in fact, some people are being thrown off the roles. they will explain that there was some fine print there, which basically meant if your health insurance plan changed after the health care law took effect, then it was possible that you would not be able to continue to keep that, but if it was the same before the health care law took effect, then you can keep it. obviously, it's very confusing and it's not exactly in line with what the president said. that's a huge contribution that the white house and see bellous are going to have a hard time explaining. >> we'll certainly see what comes out of today's hearing. randall pinkton joining us from washington, thank you. >> insurance companies have begun sending notices to hundreds of thousands of americans informing them them not be able to continue with their policies. we have a closer look. >> for several years, president obama has said repeatedly that anyone who likes their existing health care coverage can keep it, but insurance companies ar
. the biggest overhaul of american health care in 50 years. president obama spoke in boston trying to reassure americans. kathleen sebelius went before a congressional committee to explain those glitches. >> a warm welcome for president obama. in what felt like a campaign stop, the commander-in-chief served as advisor in chief. >> today the health insurance companies have to abide by some of the strongest consumer protection ever known. >> back on capitol hill it was the president's health secretary kathleen sibelius in the spotlight. in front of a congressional committee, she was forced to address american frustrations of the website failures weeks into the launch. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> even as she spoke those who tried to log on to got a familiar error message. >> obamacare was signed into law 1002 hundred 56 days ago. since then there have been use their problem after user problem after user problem. >> they demanded to know who is to blame. >> who is responsible for overseeing this project? is it you or your
obama kept his health care promise, that obama care is working while apologizing for the fact that it doesn't. i'm lou dobbs. >>> good evening, everybody. hhs secretary kathleen sebelius today testified before the house energy and commerce committee. on the disastrous obama carrollout. sebelius took responsibility for the website failure while making the outrageous claim that the website has actually never crashed.
years ago a trusted obama health care white house warned the white house it was losing control of aobama care. the warnings were dire and specific, and ultimately ignored. david cutler, who worked on the obama 2008 campaign and was a valued outside health care consultant wrote this blunt memo to top white house economic adviser larry summers in may 2010, "i do not believe the relevant members of the administration understand the president's vision or have the capability to carry it out." he wrote "no one was in charge who had experience in any complex business startups" we worried basic regulations, technology and policy coordination would fail. >> you need to have the people who have understanding of the political process, people who understand how to work within an administration and people who understand how to build, start and build a business and unfortunately, they just didn't get all of those people together. >> reporter: the white house dismissed these and other warnings, it relied an a pointed bureaucrat and seepor health care advisers. fears from constant attacks from republica
. >> it transforms medicare into a plan that's very similar to the president's own health care bill. >> obama care takes everyone in the individual market and puts them on regulated government run insurance exchange, one step closer to singer payer, but not there. the ryan plan takes seniors on medicare, a single payer system and puts them on a government run exchange, one big step backward. so you think the rollout of a federal exchange for 7 million people is rough? remember, it is the official position of the republican party to add 50 million seniors to that. and the same republicans who spent their day grilling the top administrator. >> you're saying the system right now isn't working? >> i think this is zoomed for failure from the beginning. >> this is a disaster of a rollout that's occurring. >> he voted to roll out an even larger federal exchange. yet, every single republican on the house ways and means committee voted for a plan that would put 50 million seniors on to health care exchanges. so if as people say the rollout of obama care discredits liberal government, it discredits the cons
, the health and human services chief acre cements blame for the botched rollout of the obama care website as the president argues the law is really a good thing, but what does the affordable care act mean if you're covered under an employer plan? >>> pops and drops, stocks, bonds, gold and the dollar all on the move after the fed said it will keep the stimulus in place. but is it what the central bank didn't say that really drove the market? >> facebook, the sial network reports strong profits and the stock jumps, what investors need to know about facebook's financials. all that and more tonight on "nightly business report" for wednesday, october 30th. >>> good evening everyone. we begin with president obama on the defensive speaking from boston, the president tried to drum up support for the troubled health care program. he chose samuel hall where a massachusetts health care plan was signed into law seven years ago and considered a successful template for the president's own affordable care act. he admitted to problems with his health care website and that people are getting cancellation
with glitches or that the president broke the promise. famous saying if you like your health care, you can keep it? >> the polls are more to the first act. has been in the news a lot in the last few weeks. and tough about president obama broke his promise about the people staying on the plans. we'll see that in the next polls and that will hurt the presidentine more. >> nought wall street journal pollsters said it is not a single issue that has the president's approval numbers dropping. they say it is nsa weapons spying and syria chemical weapons debate and government shutdown and obama care, it is like a slow affect with all of these things over the summer that reached a boiling point? >> certainly, you have to take in to account all of the things that are happening and it has been a perfect storm against obama except for the government shutdown. he took a hit and others tock more of a hit and certainly, the economy is a wet blanket that is hanging over everything. but again, the health care news is big news, not only the website, but the stories of people dropped off with their
of the obama care website, health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius apologizes on capitol hill. is it enough? we'll talk with congresswoman marcia blackburn and how big of a problem is this for the president. governor mike huckabee will join us as
taking the fall for the website dubbed health on its rocky debut. the obama care website has been touted as a gateway to overhauling the nation's health care giving uninsured americans health coverage. but it's proving to be not so affordable. what's the fallout for the president at a time when americans feel betrayed or misled by his promises tied to obama care? his approval ratings, for example, are taking a big hit and some in the white house worry that there will be consequences for a president playing defense who repeatedly says he simply wasn't aware there would be problems that would ultimately lead to a disastrous rollout. joining us now, fox news host, governor mike huckabee, who is here to offer his perspective. governor, great to have you. let me ask you first, what we're seeing is a law designed to cover the uninsured. it's now booting far more people off their insurance plans than it can sign up. right now, on the nonfunctioning insurance exchanges. governor, the longer this goes on, what does this do to the president who can't distance himself from a law he set
of obama care. average americans are starting to feel the impact of a very flawed health plan. they are nervous about what it means for the future. >> they did not prepare. they only talked about the great things. they never talked about transitions that are difficult. president. even when you may think it's going to be great, you have to explain there will be changes. >> obama never focused on this the way it would be a signature issue. i talked about the signature. >> never when he wanted. this is the weirdest thing. this was -- do you know that the pledge for health care in the first term came from staff aids who said you better have something to say. we went ahead and made this pledge. >> he was never the health care guide. the primary with the first run for president, he was against the individual mandate. he bludgeoned hillary on that issue. i would turn back to the poll numbers. the numbers have not changed that much. it's even split on how they feel about it. obama's numbers have gone down because he hasn't been straight with people. now he is not willing to come forwa
, it was the health care promise heard over and over again from president obama. >> if you like your health care plan, you keep your health care plan. >> now nbc news has learned millions of people who buy individual policies that do not offer enough benefits have to switch to a new plan. why didn't the white house make that clear. secretary kathleen sebelius will have to face the music in congress tomorrow. >> if the president knew that these letters were coming and still indicated that you could keep your health care plan if you liked it, now, that rhyses serious questions about the sales job of obama care. >> spy stoppers, head of nsa will face the house intelligence committee this hour as outrage grows over american spying on friendly foreign leaders across europe. now at home they are calling for an end to the eavesdropping. >> the issue of eavesdropping, really unseemly to do this, whether phone taps listening into conversations or anything else. and unless intelligence authorities can show americans were made safe by this kind of eavesdropping, and i don't think they can, it ought to end right
's opponents contend, america's underinsured will be better off with obama health care. jim avila, abc news, washington. >>> in other growing controversy also heard on capitol hill, the head of national intelligence is defending the practice of spying on global leaders. james clapper says the practice is necessary in order to find out the intentions of foreign leaders, even our allies. he says it is perfectly legal. >> we do not spy on anyone except for valid foreign intelligence purposes and would rather work within the law. >> we'd rather be here telling you why we defended these programs than having given them up and have our nation or our allies being attacked. >> abc news has confirmed reports that u.s. intelligence has listened in on phone conversations of the leaders of 35 american allies. reports that drew sharp criticism from top members of congress in both parties. >>> the memory of hurricane sandy is unforgettable from many people one year after a devastated new jersey and new york. survivors gathered for vigils and ceremonies to mark the anniversary last night. in south jersey,
obama's speech obviously today was designed to draw the parallels between the success of the health care law in massachusetts, known as romney care, and now the actually law, known as obama care. the affordable care act. president obama came out and he just dispelled a bunch of lies through a bunch of water on the biggest myth about the affordable care act. he called out the so-called junk insurance policies. this is what we focused our program on last night. it's almost as if the president was watching verbatim. junk insurance is what this is all about. and the president, front and center today, explained that this is what the law was designed to get rid of! >> it is also true that some americans who have health insurance plans that they bought on their own through the old individual market are get being notices from their insurance company suggesting that somehow because the affordable care act, they may be losing their existing health insurance plans. this has been the latest flurry in the news. because there's been a lot of confusion and misinformation about this, i want to explain j
health care rollout we are seeing a growing chorus of voices on the left saying the problems with obama care are all the fault of republicans. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. we have had a week of huge headlines on the health care roll out. dramatic hearings on the still not working website. a string of material broke withen promises from the president himself. as millions of americans find themselves kiiked off of the health care b plans they very much liked which he promised repeatedly they could keep. last night, a dramatic document leak revealing the numbers the administration did not want to share. just six sign-ups on day one of obama care. we have new details on that tonight. with a growing number of democratic lawmakers now starting to worry b about their political futures we brought you the poll that showed the president's numbers falling. we begin the broadcast with a story at politico getting attention suggesting all the problems are the product of gop sabotage. here is a little of democrats giving voice to the idea this week. >> this continuous effort on the pa
and the health care law, president obama's! down to this -- i did not know. no president can be aware of everything going on in a sprawling government that he theoretically manage. -- theoretically manages. this constant questions about how much in charge he really is. days, the president's health and human services secretary said that the -- that despite internal concerns in a mr. obama wasn, not told about serious problems with the new row graham's website until it was rolled out this month. said theicials president was not aware that the national security agency was tapping the phone of agngela merkel. opposition lawmakers and pundits have seized on the white house explanations to accuse mr. obama of being a bystander president. some democrats are scratching their heads at the seeming detachment from significant matter. msnbc ran a montage of clips showing mr. obama or his aides disclaiming presidential knowledge of various issues. what do you think? what do you think about the president's accountability on these issues and others. michigan, republican, dave am a what do you think?
. >>> from president obama, this has been a halloween week in which his praumshs about his health care reform plan have come back to haunt him. tonight, a new example. here's jim ingle. >> president obama's made several promises about the new health care plan, but two of them collide with each other, including one pledging many people will pay very little. >> one study shows that nearly 6 in te10 uninsured americans may find coverage for $100 a month or less. >> he also made this promise. >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. >> he said he didn't want to interfere with people's relationships with their doctors, but he can't keep both those promises at the same time. >> if you want a lower price in an insurance plan, you only put the doctors and hospitals in there that will take the lowest reimbursement rates. >> there are much narrower networks than some people are used to, and that's really how insurance companies can bring down their costs, is they negotiate rates with providers. >> exchanges have lower premiums in part because they have narrow networks.
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